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Straight Talking Professional Business Mentoring from Stefan Wesley

Tech Entrepreneur, Startup Investor, Author and International Business Mentor.

I help my clients make incredible progress in their mindset, business and personal, by upgrading their business, tools and processes to make sustainable increases in turnover and profits. My approach creates synergy between your values and goals without ever compromising your wellbeing.

True business growth comes from finding balance of seamless processes and increased sales. I help my clients to create them, master them and skyrocket, so they can take their business wherever it is they want to go.

I work with creative professionals, entrepreneurs, corporates, freelancers and business owners to refine, augment and advance everything from mindset to personal branding and business strategy.

I champion positivity, mindfulness, strategy and sales . I work with clients across the world, including many face to face in London, Dubai and LA.

Stefan’s Story


Digital Marketing Consultant
Activate! 90-Day Planning Package

For business owners & entrepreneurs looking to Activate their business and create a detailed roadmap to ensure they reach their short, medium and long term goals.

Digital Marketing Consultant
Accelerate – 12 Weeks of Daily Coaching

Feeling unproductive? Accelerate is a 12-week course packed with great tips, advice and challenges to increase your productivity and get shit done!

Digital Marketing Consultant
Elite 1:1 Mentoring with Stefan Wesley

Do you know what needs to be done but nit necessarily how to do it? 1:1 Mentoring with Stefan is for ambitious coaches, business owners & creative entrepreneurs with the drive and determination to make their dreams a reality.

Digital Marketing Consultant
Monthly Mastermind Groups (Online and F2F)

Join Stefan every month in a small mastermind group of entrepreneurs. Share “KnowledgeBombs” and discuss pain points in this closed door meeting.
*Limited Availability per session


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