Integrating VR Business Meetings

VR has been the talk of the tech industry for years and finally, we have found a way to introduce VR technology into businesses! VR technology is now available without having to pay through the nose, meaning that businesses can take advantage of many great solutions that is not only great fun and innovative but saves businesses time and money while reducing risks.

Sigma Digital have recently been testing VR technology as a solution for meetings and presentations for existing clients around the UK. The best thing about it is anyone can get access to the software and it’s completely free, yes you heard us! The App is called vTimeand it’s available on Oculus, Samsung Gear HR, Google Play, Google VR, Daydream and finally the software we are currently using, App Store!

Once you have the App on your device you’re going to need some hardware. We selected 2 sets of Virtual reality glasses to test out the app in the beginning. The first choice was the VOX+ BE that retails at just shy or £40 and the second was the VR BOX that retails at around £7.00. To our surprise, the VR BOX was a lot more compatible with the iPhone 7 and 7plus so save you a few pounds and stick with the cheaper option if you’re an Apple user!

So you have now bought yourself a Virtual Reality headset and installed the vTime app. Next, it’s time to create your avatar. The app is still pretty new as far as we are aware but there are enough selections available to make something that resembles you. This is where the Fun really begins!

Check out our CEO and Founder Stefan Wesley testing the app at our Bicester Office and see some of the great Virtual Reality features that are available!

Find VR that intriguing? It looks great right! Our clients have tried and tested Virtual Reality meetings with the Sigma team and so far, they think it is fun, innovative and extremely practical.

Here are a few reasons why;

Huge time saver!

By organising presentations and meeting over the vTime virtual reality app, the requirement to travel is taken out of the equation. For the team at Sigma Digital, this means, what would usually be an entire day out traveling to and from a client’s location is now reduces to a 2-3 hours review meeting. This means that the productivity for that day is increased and allows team members to utilise the rest of the hours in the day doing what they are good at!

Reduced costs for your business!

Just think about all those hours that your team will be working instead of traveling! That’s only one area where you are saving money in your business. At the same time, you are reducing your costs with regards to fuel, trains, Ubers, taxi’s or whatever your mode of transport. With a tech start-up business, we at Sigma Digital are always watching our costs, so Virtual Reality meetings have played an integral part in growing our business.

1 in 200 people dies on the road!

A shocking figure, right? The UK department of transport has reported that approximately 1 in 200 people in the UK are killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents each year. By using Virtual Reality from the comfort of your office or meeting room you reduce this risk to 0!

Get with the Times

What better way to show your customers and clients that you are at the forefront of technology than integrate one of the fastest growing technologies in the digital world! VR headsets may not make you look cool right now but as this technology moves forward we intend to test out more and more wearable hardware until we see something reappear like the Google Glass, something in our opinion was amazing but just too far ahead of the time for people to get on board with!

What Sigma Digital think!

At Sigma Digital we would highly recommend introducing VR into your business and taking advantages of some amazing benefits whilst staying super innovative and forward thinking! As one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK, we feel our clients deserve to experience technology as we get it so they can enjoy the journey of experimenting with new tech along with the Sigma Team. If anyone is interested in trying it out in real life then feel free to come on over and visit Sigma at the Bicester Office and the friendly team will give you a demo. For bookings email

Stefan Wesley, CEO and Founder, Sigma Digital

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